InfanDx AG closes 5,3 Mio EUR Financing

Bonn, April 24th, 2019

InfanDx took a decisive step in its financial development to receive up to 5,3 Mio. EUR capital investment in a milestone structured deal. As new investors Bamed MAM Group and CVG Capital GmbH providing market knowhow alongside financial resources. Additionally existing shareholders LSI-Pre-Seed-Fonds GmbH and Arnika Beteiligungen GmbH co-invested in the current capital increase.

“We are very happy that the extremely positive results from our confirmatory clinical study concluded just last year provided us with such striking arguments to convince our new shareholders” explained InfanDx CEO Ron Meyer. The new funds shall serve to complete the ongoing clinical validation study involving 500 patients and shall support the technical development of the new Point-of-Care test format. “Due to our research in cooperation with leading universities, we are well aware of the medical need for the test developed by InfanDx. We are highly excited to see the economic potential of InfanDx and as well the expected medical breakthrough with benefit to newborns on a truly global scale” stated Klaus Roehrig, Co-Owner of Bamed MAM Group. Dr. Joerg Fregien, Chairman and representative of the currently largest investor LSI adds “This successful financing round is another strong confirmation of the outstanding market relevance of projects Life Science Inkubator in Bonn currently engages in.”

This test, as first of its kind, will allow the early and reliable diagnosis of oxygen deficit during birth (perinatal asphyxia) and subsequent brain damage. It will fill a critical gap to enable the existing therapeutic approaches to reach early enough and help many affected children who are today overlooked and doomed to life long disability. Worldwide and each year >1 mio. babies suffer from NE, which makes it within the delivery period the largest single cause for life long morbidity. The biomarkers developed by the InfanDx-project will be the first diagnostic tool to reliably identify the babies in need early enough within the therapeutic time-window.

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